Welcome to PCAire Inc.

PCAire Inc., is a world leader in the field of cosmic radiation monitoring. In 2016 we processed over 920,000 flights and monitored 28,000 aircrew members worldwide. Our solution can be customized from the largest of airlines to the smallest of private fleet operators.

PCAire Inc. uses solution certified by the German regulators LBA; Predictive Code for AIrCrew Radiation Exposure, known as PCAIRE, a semi-empirical model to calculate radiation exposure for Commercial, Private and Military flights and associate the exposure to crew members stored in our secure databases to facilitate the monitoring and reporting of doses to appropriate authorities.

PCAire has many interfaces with several different flight planning solutions, if we don't have yours we will create a new one just for you to meet your specific needs.

At PCAire, we thrive on providing exceptional customer service and go the extra mile to ensure total client satisfaction contact us (info@pcaire.com) to see how we can help you.

Frequent Flyers Airlines

Our web-based program allows airlines and individual frequent flyers to calculate radiation exposure during jet air flights.
PCAire gives you the tools to estimate the dose you received on any flight, at any period in the solar cycle.